Yummy packaging design

04/01/2013 15:17

Yoomoo are a British company which sell frozen yoghurt products as well as running frozen yoghurt cafes up and down the country. Bulletproof design company worked with them to produce their product packaging for the supermarkets and because of their great packaging success, yoomoo is the next big thing.



Images from Bulletproof

The amusing brand name lead to some incredibly lighthearted packaging and a fantastic brand persona. The combination of funny product names and witty information has only increased this packagings great sense of fun. The use of the cow character which changes with each flavour gives the packaging the opportunity to appeal to young and old. The different patterns and cows for each flavour gives great product distinction whilst the rest of the packaging looks exactly the same. The shape of the pot is very cute and the white and black basic shapes are both function and attractive.


Bulletproof have also worked with Cadburys on the creation of their snack treats including crunchie rocks, clusters, shots, raisins and peanuts. The basic shape of all the packaging is the same with the incredibly functional tear off opening mechanism and resealing sticker. The crunchie rocks are the only product that has an existing presence in another format and the branding has been kept the same. The theme throughout all the products is the colour purple and each product has a product name in its own font along with a high quality image of the product.