Your Package Shipping Options

09/11/2012 16:32

It's difficult to know what services are out there for you to ship your parcels with these days and there are so many you can never be sure if you’re getting the best deal. Here is a round up of some of the major package shipping companies around.

Royal Mail
The government owned mail and shipping service that is known as the national standard. The go to service for sending basic letters. They also have several options for sending parcels, standard will see your parcel delivered by an ordinary local postie, special delivery can be from your local post man/woman if they would normally get to you in time and if not it will come in a special delivery Royal mail van. You can also specify if you want your parcel to be registered or signed for.

Short for Federal Express, FedEx was originally started in America as a globally courier service that was eventually brought to the UK as well. It was the original innovator for global shipping and package handling. They have a much wider range of shipping options and even have their own dedicated airplanes for shipping fast tracked parcels. FedEx like many other global courier companies have an online tracking facility that allows you as the recipient or sender to put a specific code into their internet application and see where your parcel is in its journey.

Ups is an abbreviation used on their logo that stands for United Parcel Service. Ups also started in America as a global courier and has expanded across the world much like FedEx. Ups is also well known for it's shipping of documents and letters when there is a time sensitive element.

A courier service based in the UK that is a subdivision of the Royal Mail. They handle the time sensitive and complicated parcel delivery requests demanded of the government owned company.