Why we get excited when we get padded envelopes in the mail

19/03/2013 16:57

Padded envelopes are packaging materials built for a special purpose. Basically, the envelopes with padding are constructed in a manner that somehow guarantees the safety of the materials that we put inside. More often than not, the padding is usually made of bubble wraps in order to act as cushion in order to protect the fragile contents of the envelope.

Of course, the bubble envelopes have other purposes other than for simply securing the important contents of the envelope. By looking at the envelope alone, we can already determine that it is constructed using high-quality materials and high-quality papers. This is the very reason why we normally get excited when we receive packages and mails especially if they come in bubble envelopes. But, what really are the reasons for our heightened joy when we receive such mails? Here are some of the more common reasons:

  1. Some companies make use of the envelope with padding in sending official and formal letters. If we get a mail in an envelope with padding, we cannot help but be happy and excited, especially if we are applying for work at a particular company. Basically, this can mean that the company bosses have already decided your fate. Of course, whether the response is positive or not, you will not know unless you open and read the contents of the envelope. At any rate, whatever the response might be, knowing that there is finally a response and that the long and agonizing wait is already over is a good cause for excitement already.
  2. Sometimes, the envelope with padding is used in order to mail sensitive materials. If we get a gift that is sent through an envelope with padding, we automatically assume that the contents of the package are important and expensive. For instance, if we get a mail inside a bubble envelope, we will think that there is something that is delicate and expensive inside. Otherwise, the sender would not have sent it through that type of envelope.
  3. Finally, it is normal to feel a certain degree of happiness and excitement upon receiving an envelope with padding precisely because the very envelope itself has something to do with importance and formality. Regardless of whether you know where or from whom the package may come from, you will always feel a hint of excitement. Why? Simply because you know for a fact that whatever the content of those padded envelopes might be, you know that it is going to be important.