Why do I need DL Envelopes?

21/11/2012 14:21

The DL envelope is the most popular type of business envelope today. The envelope has dimensions of 210mm by 110mm which is the smallest size the post office can manage in automatic sorting. This format is not in the universal C series and hence some automatic enveloping machines had problems with them. The envelope was first used in Germany and DL stood for DIN Lang. Today this is known to be ‘Dimension Lengthwise’.

The DL Envelopes are very light and easy to carry around. Their light weight makes the postage costs relatively low and is mostly used by companies sending out lots of mail. The envelope is especially good for holding one page documents such as bills or short letters. The DL envelope is easily printed on; this is a huge advantage for businesses that are sending a lot of mail. Instead of stickers, or manually writing the addresses on the envelopes, the addresses can be automatically printed on the envelopes. Some companies also print their logo on the envelopes.

DL envelopes are not expensive; not only in terms of postage fees, but also buying the envelopes is not expensive. The costs can be decreased further by acquiring the envelopes in bulk. Companies producing the envelopes will give cheaper prices to customers who buy many envelopes per purchase.

Compared to other letters that open on the width side, packing the letters into the envelope is much easier and faster due to the wider area of operation. The flap of the envelope often has a pre- applied adhesive that needs to be wet a little to stick. This saves on the time that would otherwise have been used to apply glue. A slight disadvantage of this envelope is that the folding of the letter can be a bit hectic. For an A4 paper to fit into this envelope, the paper has to be folded into three equal parts along the length. Getting this dimensions right needs plenty of concentration which takes a lot of time and some letters end up being untidy as the folds are undone and re-done.

The DL envelopes are used in many ways. Many businesses use them to communicate with their customers, suppliers, and clients; individuals also use them to communicate. Apart from communication they are used to package money, cards, or other flat and small items. Envelopes are important to have around and though they are available in most stores, keeping some in the office and home is prudent.