Why C5 Envelopes are needed in your business

25/01/2013 11:55

C5 envelopes, or any kind of envelope for that matter, are necessary in any kind of office and workplace. Indeed, these packaging materials are useful for a great deal of things and applications. We use these packing materials in sending important communications like letters, documents, parcels, bills, notices, and many others. The uses of the envelopes vary according to the size of the envelopes at hand.

The C4 for instance, is the most common of all the envelopes that we use in our offices. This is because the C4 envelope, which measures 32.4 x 22.9 cm, can accommodate almost all sizes of official papers. Specifically, the C4 envelope can comfortable fit an A4 paper. Basically, they are also big enough to  be used in mailing heavy communications like brochures.  For confidential letters, the C6 is most preferred. The opaque skin of the C6 makes them ideal package containers for mailing formal business letters.

Another type of envelope, the C5, is also used in more or less the same way as the C4. Basically, the C5 can accommodate folded A4 papers and whole A5 papers. Of course, the A4 papers need to be folded into half in order to sufficiently be fitted. The C5 envelope is preferred by many offices because this can perform many roles and this can accommodate a variety of things. As a matter of fact, it can be used in mailing particularly heavy documents.

Some individuals make use of the C5 envelope in sending ordinary letters and, in some cases, money. The size and shape of the envelope give it a very professional look. The C5 also have sticky flaps and self-seal flaps. These two add to the professional look, and they also make the C5 a more secure means of doing business.

The C5 envelope, more often than not, measures 162 x 229 mm. The C5 is rectangular, which makes it possible to fit in magazines which cannot be folded. In general, the C5 comes in two colors: brown or white. But, of course, these colors can differ depending on the person needing the envelopes. For instance, if you wish to adjust the color of the envelope to fit your company identity, you simply have to request the p0.0.0.0.roducers or manufacturers of the said envelope to adjust the design and color according to your specifications.

Whatever your preferences might be, the definite thing is that no matter what your office is, you will always need C5 envelopes.