Who doesn't love a cookie break?

31/01/2013 11:44

This student work has taken the concept of convenient snacking and tried to make it more exciting and a healthier product in general. It is a hard task to create something that healthy that an unhealthy snacker might enjoy but student designers Tatiana Rusalovskaya, Artem Maslov, Alya Lugovaya and Stas Semin may have done exactly that.

Images from Packaging of the world
The clean white cylinder looks incredibly fresh and modern, the images of the products inside all look attractive, simple and healthy. The typography also looks very modern and matches the exciting design of the packaging its self.

The three tiered packaging keeps all of the elements of the snack safe and separate. All made of cardboard with a high gloss finish making it look high quality. The concept of yogurt and jam with the snack cookies sounds delicious but under normal circumstances would be very difficult to carry out in an office or student environment. This new packaging system allows it to be something delicious we can enjoy whenever you want.