What Should Be On Your Essential Office Supplies List

14/06/2013 14:42


You may be overseeing the opening of a new branch of your organisation or in charge of a start-up looking to set up shop. After locating your site and deciding on how you’ll arrange the furniture and what not, the question of office supplies will soon arise. Since you will be working with a limited budget, you’ll need to make a list of the supplies you can’t do without, separating the must-haves from the could-haves. To help you get started we’ve compiled a list of supplies deemed absolutely essential for today’s office to function.

Several prophets have heralded the coming of the paperless office but as far as we can tell that new dawn is still light-years away, despite the introduction of a plethora of new devices to oversee the transfer of information without the use of paper. This is why writing materials are indispensable in any office. A good supply of pens, pencils, permanent markers and highlighters will always be a necessity in an office.

And since we’ll be dealing with papers and documents, the little pieces of equipment needed to keep them organised will be just as crucial to an office. We’re talking of staplers, paper clips and paper trays. Files for the orderly storage of documents are also an important investment. And for the safe and secure transfer of documents the office should have a good stock of mailing materials. Envelopes of various sizes and mailers should therefore be on your list.

Hardly any office functions without a printer or copier. As you budget for the machine, you need to factor in printing paper and printing cartridges.