What materials can you use to decorate padded envelopes?

05/09/2012 10:52

Packaging items is an activity that a lot of people engage in everyday.  But unknown to a vast majority of them is that the way you package your items plays a very big role in the way the message is perceived and received. That is why, it is important to carefully choose the kind of material that you use to decorate your padded envelope stock.


These envelopes are an extremely popular mode of packaging items and are robustly built with bubble lined wall construction.  This bubble cushioning aids in the protection of the important objects that may be thrown around during the process of mailing. In addition to this, this cushioning brings about an additional layer of protection, such that the items that are packaged cannot be seen with the naked eye. You can also dress up your package to make it more stimulating to receive and open.


There are a lot of ways in which you can go about the business of decorating your package. But whatever method or material that you may chose to decorate it, you must always remember to keep the postal guiding principles. It is also imperative for you not to get over zealous and end up bringing harm to the objects that you are supposed to mail.

The fact that you are sending mail to your child or a long distance friend should not deter you from adorning your package. You can always put extra holiday flamboyance or a more personal message to your package by putting your creativity into practice.


Some of the materials that you may need to make your own decorated packages include bubble wrap, double-sided tape, stamp pad, gel ink paint plastic placemat, embosser and food colouring. You can easily make adornments to your padding in order to make your packaging more appealing by simply cutting pages from a children’s book and placing them over the padding. This will make your package more alluring and unique.

 It is also vital for you not to use bubble wrap that is so bloated that it will make it difficult for you to fit your objects inside your package. A much smaller bubble wrap with tinier bubbles may work wonders for you.

Before engaging in the exercise of decorating your padded envelopes, it is always important to note that the kind of material that you will use will greatly influence the way your items will be received.