What Makes This Chocolate Packaging So Spectacular?

14/06/2013 14:29


Everybody is familiar with the pale red colour of the packaging of Tabasco sauce which is itself that colour. The sight of it brings to mind that delicious turkey sandwich or the sizzling bacon we had for breakfast. This sauce adds a unique flavour to food that makes it a joy to the taste buds. The producer of the first brand of chocolate has taken advantage of this positive association to elicit a response to their product. Imagine browsing through the chocolate section of the supermarket and suddenly coming across Tabasco. Your curiosity will immediately be piqued and even though you don’t add a bar of it to your trolley, you’ll make a mental note of it and probably remark to a friend how strange it was that there was a Tabasco chocolate.

The second package is done in colours that will not fail to attract the female eye, and they are, after all, the more avid consumers of chocolates. The shape of a flower on the package will, as it were, draw them to view the product more closely and in doing so they will also be intrigued by the pearl at the centre of the flower. The pale green ribbon around it suggests that it is a present, and who doesn’t like receiving presents? And the rabbit shape makes such chocolates the perfect Easter gift as this animal is usually associated to this April holiday.

An errant boyfriend or husband will be able to win back that disgruntled lady with less difficulty if he presents such a package to her.