Using Corrugated Cardboard to lighten and protect your mail

26/10/2012 13:41

We have seen a lot of individuals buy corrugate  d cardboard boxes in order to mail some things. As a matter of fact, there are a great deal of individuals who do this that it seems that this type of box is actually the unanimous choice by everybody. This leaves us wondering why they choose this kind of packing material. Just what is special with these corrugated boxes and packing materials?

This article is meant to bring to light some of the facts – good facts – about this kind of packing material. This article will attempt to explain why many are attracted – even magnetized – by the virtual usefulness of the packing materials.

First and foremost, when we are trying to mail something, we would require a package that would offer the maximum protection with the lightest weight. Basically, this box in question offers the kind of protection that you require. The corrugated boxes are actually boxes with multiple layers of cardboard. These layers are grooved so that they somehow provide a cushion which, in turn, provides added protection to the contents inside.

To be more specific, the core of the board is made up of linerboard paper that is shaped so that it becomes grooved, or it can also be made up of plastic or straw that is stacked in order to act as protection against minor shock. This design is so effective that, as a matter of fact, the corrugated boxes are not only used as packaging materials. In many third world countries, like the Philippines, the boxes are made as sleeping mats by many homeless individuals because the grooved core of the board is generally enough to keep out the cold cement.

Other than the protection that is offered, the boxes are also famous because of the fact that they are light. Indeed, this combination is the general reason why the boxes of this design are preferred by many companies and individuals. For example, if you are sending a sensitive package, you would want to do so using a very secure packing material. The first standard – protection – can be given by the box. Same is true with the second standard. The corrugated cardboard boxes are so lightweight that they do not really add to the weight of the package. I mean, you cannot say the same to other packing supplies using different materials. Indeed, this lightweight characteristic means that you can send more packages, and it will not cost you extra.