Trends in Packaging Security

02/11/2011 10:25

Whether posting your item or providing it to be stacked on ashelf in a shop, it is essential to make sure your item is tamper proof; therefore protected against counterfeiting, stealing and shoplifting. Your item needs to reassure the consumer that it has reached them in the intended condition.

Security Seals

This is a great idea to use on packaging boxes you deliver to your customers; security seals can be tape or a label, that when tampered with will display a VOID label, or will inform the customer that if the tape has been broken not to accept the delivery. New innovations mean that some tape now contains heat sensitive ink, which will change colour when subjected to say, body temperature. This means it will become extremely evident if someone has carefully taken the tape off and reapplied it, providing much greater security than ordinary tape. Another tip when using security tape is to print your brand name on to it, this makes it more difficult to duplicate and replace if the package is opened.

Clamshell Packaging

When marketing your item on a shop floor it becomes harder to prevent shoplifting, one option to prevent this is to use clamshell packaging; clear plastic sheets which close together with preforated tabs. These are difficult for people to open, and the advantge for shops is that electronic security tags can be placaed inside the packaging. This means shoplifters cannot easily access the tags and remove them. However the obvious disadvantage with these is that they can irritate the consumer who buys the product, due to how difficult it is to open.