Things To Do With Leftover Envelopes

04/10/2012 16:54

Envelopes from bills, school reports, junk mail, bank statements and pen palls tend to accumulate pretty quickly so in the spirit of the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) here are some creative uses for them.

1. Shred Your Receipts Faster
It seems so obvious that some of us don't like to admit we've done it any other way. Putting a handful of receipts in an envelope and posting that through the shredder is an awful lot quicker than putting them in one at a time.

 It always seems that whenever we most need a bookmark there is never one around, so why not cut off the tattier edges of an envelope and use that instead. Coloured envelopes or one’s with patterns inside always make for more interesting bookmarks but if you don’t enjoy plain white and have no other choice - take 5 minutes to scribble a quick doodle.

3. Odds and Bods
No-one is ever quite sure where to put all those buttons, safety pins and bits of thread that come with new clothes which of course means when you need them - you can never find them. Having an envelope tucked away on a bookshelf or somewhere where it won’t get lost makes an excellent go-to place when you buy or need to repair your clothes.

4. Paper Chains
When it comes to the holiday season it is always nice to get the kids to make some decorations. The simple yet effective classic, the paper chain, doesn’t need any complex craft supplies but buying the paper for it can still be expensive. With the vast variety of envelopes that arrive in the mail, with advertisement, postage stamps and pictures printed on them you can make interesting and colourful paper strips without the cost of a trip to the paper store. Even plain white looks nice with this simple decoration so let the kids loose with the glue and save your money for the presents.