The weird and the wonderful

22/11/2012 15:49

Beautiful Packaging

Source: images

This tequila packaging is incredibly exiting. Commonly a bottle of tequila will have a worm at the bottom of it but these bottles have something even more other worldly. The structure of the glass in this luxury tequila packaging is incredible. They have been hand crafted yet done so precisely that every shape is nearly exactly the same. The hand crafted internal design along with the tall thin necks make this bottle look like a form of cactus, linking it to it's Mexican roots. This luxury bottle only has a small amount of labeling, most of it on the neck of the bottle - the fonts used throughout the packaging again look very similar to those used in mexican culture, making this a mix of stereotypical mexican elements. The decorative parts of the bottle stoppers are made from wood, varnished to appear burnt red and blue, the sorts of colours you would expect to find in a hot country.