The packaging world gets Stranger and Stranger

04/01/2013 15:38

Stranger and Stranger is a British design company that specialise in alcoholic beverages and have created limited edition bottles for some of the most famous brands in the alcohol industry.

Images from Stranger and Stranger

It is a very rare moment when a Jack Daniel bottle is anything other than warm amber and black, this limited edition bottle however treads the fine line between special product and seeming like n entirely different brand. Taking the alcohol back to basics, Stranger have decided to strip the packaging back to basics too. Using an old fashion shaped bottle with very little in the way of decoration. To show it is indeed limited edition and also a high quality product it has a wood and cork stopper with a good finish and a simple white label that appears to have been stamped.

Taking Lillet back to it's roots by using the vintage posters that made it so popular to begin with. The beautiful blue colour looks great with the colour of the wine and overall it looks like a high luxury product. Since it's reference in Casino Royale it has become a popular product to put into cocktails of varying sorts and this bottle looks good enough to be drank as is or mixed up.