The Little Touches

19/03/2013 14:27

Running a small ecommerce store is even easier than you think these days with the popularity of sites like Etsy, Folksy, Ebay and other market places such as ASOS and Amazon. Getting popular and gaining regular customers however is a different story entirely.

Whenever you have a customer who purchases something from you, particularly if it is handmade, that customer should receive the best experience possible to encourage them to buy from you again. This however can be time consuming and if you are a smaller seller who has a job too, it could be difficult to put extra effort into this experience.

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It is however, really easy to do. The key to making your customers experience special is the packaging. It only takes something small to make a personal impact on your packaging. This can be as simple as changing your ordinary grey mailing bags to something more colourful such as bubblegum pink or orange. Adding an extra layer to your packaging such as tissue paper or a colourful paper bag not only makes it far more exciting and pleasant for your customer, it also gives your product an extra layer of protection. Wrapping your product up in tissue paper or placing it in a colourful bag only takes a little extra time but shows you’ve thought about the consumer when packaging it to them.

If you want the outside of your packaging to look professional but still want a little personal touch you could add a label or postcard to your product inside the outer packaging with a stamp or sticker on. This could go towards furthering your brand image by using your logo or just be a friendly little greeting. If you don’t have the time to create these you can buy stickers which can be printed on at home or by a professional company with whatever you choose on it. These can then be attached to your outer packaging or the product its self.

Making sure your customer knows you care should be top of your list and packaging is a fantastic was to do this. So don’t miss a trick as it only takes a second to make someones day.