The invention of grip seal bags

19/07/2013 10:38


Grip seal bags are a very popular choice for people when it comes to the packaging of many kinds of materials. This bag whose outstanding attribute is the strong self seal strip has many advantages. The bag is air tight when sealed and will therefore also not allow water or vapour in or out of the bag. This bag is also made from some very strong polyethylene material that is resistant to many adverse forces such as tear, puncture, and abrasion forces. The bag is mostly made in a transparent plastic that makes it easy for one to see the contents of the bag. These bags are used to store several things including foodstuffs, small office items such as pins and staples, hardware items such as screws and buttons. The bags can also be used to package liquids including blood in hospitals.


Grip seal bags are also known as Ziploc bags. Proper Ziploc bags utilise a blue sliding tab which is the zip. Grip seal bags on the other hand have ridges on the inside of the bag’s opening that interlock. The invention of these bags was enabled by the previous invention of polyethylene bags which was in the early 1950’s. Ziploc bags history can be traced back to 1951 when the company Flexigrip was formed with the intention of developing and marketing a plastic zipper. The invention of this zipper had been purchased from the inventor who was Borge Madsen who had also patented the invention. In 1961, Flexigrip Inc. obtained exclusive manufacturing and selling rights for the United States for the Minigrip plastic zipper bag. Thecompany bought these rights from a Japanese company Seisan Nippon Sha who had invented the bag and had patented the innovation. After getting the rights, a company was formed that was to concentrate its efforts in the production and marketing of the Minigrip zipper bags. Around 1964, Minigrip Inc. then got an exclusive license that would then allow the bags to be used in the grocery trade especially in the supermarkets. This was done with the Dow chemical Company which then named the product Ziploc bags.


From its invention, the grip seal bags have continuously grown in popularity and this is due to some outstanding attributes including its cost effectiveness and efficiency. The materials that are used to make the bags are easily available and are not costly. Despite their being cheap, the bag has outstanding quality. The bag is also very durable.