The iconic soup goes to go!

25/01/2013 11:00

Campbell's soup is a highly iconic brand, their fame coming partly from prestige and partly from the world renowned pop art from Andy Warhol. They have brought out packaging for a new range of on the go soups that can be put in the microwave, still in it's packaging and then opened and poured into a bowl.

Image from Pakcaging of the World

The product is aimed at young to middle aged professionals, the type who work in an office on a day to day basis and might want something quick and hot for lunch or dinner. As such they have targeted their packaging at them, with images of youngish professionals with wide smiles and expressive faces that suggest happiness and hunger. The high quality image of the soup makes it look highly appetising and both images are of a similar size to show that the consumer is just as important as the product. The consumers face is in black and white, suggesting that the soup will bring colour into their lives, giving an improvement. The iconic campbell's logo has been kept across all of the products and each flavour has a different colour as its packaging theme. The rest of the typography has a hand written feel suggesting that the product is quite personal and homely.