The hottest packaging around

26/04/2013 15:46

Recently there has been some really great packaging design around the web and it is about time that we have a look at some of the best.

Image from Packaging of the World

This packaging design is very exciting. Nutella is an iconic brand well known as a favourite for breakfast, on toast and for snacks on sandwich. Nutella is very much a one product hit however and its classic clear jar and white pop off lid are iconic. Branching out could be a negative thing for the brands image however this packaging places them in the luxury breakfast bar section. Beautifully designed to make it look more special than just a box of bread and chocolate products. The bag/box shape has been made to look like a paper bag of baguettes and really makes an impression.


04 22 13 esteemadmen 5

Image from The Die Line

If you haven't seen Mad Men, the hit american show don't worry (but you should). Set in 1960's New York it has all the allure of a different time and Estée Lauder has captured that in their new makeup range to commemorate the start of the new season. The packaging and style of all the products in this range are all taken from original 60's Estée Lauder packaging and so look really authentic!


04 16 13 catslunch 6

Image from The Die Line

The Cat's Lunch packaging is completely different to any other packaging design I have seen, it takes a whole new approach to cat food. Working on the principle of mice, which give a great level of food nutrients for cats. The adorable mouse drawings look fantastic but the clever element to this design is actually the perforated lines that separate the rows of mice. These signify the position size of this unusually style of cat food. It has been packed into a sausage like container and the serving can then be sliced and unwrapped for your cat to nom. Like nothing I have ever seen before!