The best shrink wrap pranks

17/01/2013 10:13

The shrink wrap has many uses at home. Basically, they are precisely intended in order to protect sensitive things, including leftover food, from dust and other miniscule particles which can spoil them. Of course, besides these applications, there are also other uses of the wraps at home. As a matter of fact, you can use the wraps to do some pretty awesome pranks to your family and friends.

  1. The alien invader. You can use the wraps to scare your younger siblings or relatives by wearing a wrap on your face. You have to totally cover your face with the wrap. As much as possible, it should really distort your face for maximum scare. Of course, you have to make sure that you can breathe through it. The trick is to put small holes on the part just below the nose in order to allow you to breath. This alone would already make your face scary, but you need to be more creative in order to be more effective. Basically, you can add colors to your face to make your face look like an alien. You might also want to put on some cover or blanket as this will add to the aura of mystery and horror.
  2. The nasty wake up call. As the name of the prank suggests, this involves putting wraps on the bed of the victim in order to give him a shock when he wakes up. Your intended victim should be someone who can stay asleep undisturbed despite unfavorable and irritating noise. Or, you can have your drunk friend as a victim. The trick is to make use of a lot of wraps. The unwrapped wraps should be placed beside the bed of the victim. You should do this while he is already asleep. Then, slowly, put it all over his legs and his arms. Just imagine the horror when he wakes up unable to move.
  3. The false door. This is pretty simple to do: put wraps all over the entrance of the bedroom of the toilet of your victim. There are some things that you need to consider in order to be successful at this prank. The most important is the light. Basically, there should be minimal light because the plastic wraps will reflect light and they will give away your trick rendering it futile and you foolish.

Truly, the shrink wrap is a wonder of science. It is helpful for any kind of job – the serious ones, and the funny ones.