Super Hero Cereal

31/01/2013 11:19

When it comes to getting children to eat things that are good for them rather than those that aren't it can be a hard task. The packaging design industry however has had a lot of influence over the trends in children's eating habits. They are attracted to bright colours and branded products and whether this is a blessing or a curse, parents will have to face it either way.

This student design has been created to appeal to children and it does a very good job of translating popular comics and super heroes into a cereal design. They have taken Batman, Green Lantern and Superman and turned them into cereal characters.

Images from packaging of the world

Incorporating the windows that show the cereal into the images of the superheroes themselves along with using simple colours to portray the characters rather than anything complex. They have also put a super hero spin on the names of the cereal all of which will appeal to a child imagination.

The idea of the brand name ‘Everyday Hero’ gives the impression that this cereal will make kids better, the healthy factor will appeal to adults where the concept that cereal in a morning can help you be heroic throughout the day will appeal to younger children in particular.

The overall packaging is white and simple which will appeal to adults where the colourful decoration and the amount of things to look at will keep the children entertained and interested in their food. After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.