Student Work - Far Falla

02/01/2013 12:05

Far Falla is a well known bow tie brand that appeals to modern young men around the globe. Matteo Giuseppe Pani has designed packaging for an off the shelf range of bow ties the  combine style with convenience. The simple shape of the packaging represents the basic elegance of a bow tie, a distinguished shape that all can relate directly to the product without much trouble.

Image from packaging of the world

The boxes come in a range of different colours, containing bow ties of different materials. The classic black dressy bow tie comes in a, somewhat stereotypical, black box. The typography used for the brand logo appears quite simple and reflects the uncomplicated views of the modern man. The benefit of these boxes being shaped as they are means that they can be beautifully stacked and the sliding drawer element of the packaging makes it seem far more like a luxury product.