Stationary For Your Organisation

23/10/2012 15:07

When running an online business it isn't all fun and tissue paper and keeping organised can be difficult. When doing all the hardwork these little bits of stationary can help you keep organised and motivated.

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Do you enjoy the smooth flow of some computer and mobile calendars layouts but find it easier to remember stuff when you write it down? Then this washi tape organiser could be the perfect solution. Using the tape as a physical representation for your time and the things going on around you can keep you on schedule. It also brightens up your written calendar with the different patterns and colours available.

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Expensive pens are great and look good, but they can be quite clunky to write with as well as stressful to loose. You may be better off with a good old fashioned bic, cheap, great to write with for your personal scribbles or official notes but they don't always look the part. These metallic bics are an excellent solution. They have all the functionality of an ordinary bic, but they look the part too. Still much cheaper than an expensive pen so it won't matter as much if you loose them.

Source Altered to Perfection

Paperclips are an essential office tool, keeping paper together and marking an important page. To make them stand out more and to cheer you up when youre feeling stressed, try adding some ribbon to them. It's bound to put a smile on your face, and make you less likely to loose them.