Shrink wrap to protect glass bottles

07/11/2012 16:36


Do you know that you can put pallet shrink wrap into efficient use as far as the protection of your glass bottles is concerned? With each passing day, these packaging materials are steadily gaining popularity and it is no secret that whenever you go to a supermarket or your local store you will most definitely see this material on many of the products that we use in our day to day lives. What’s more, lots of suppliers have adopted the practice of packing glass bottles using this kind of technology.

By using this kind of packaging material to pack your glass bottles, you can rest assured that they will be safeguarded from dust, dirt and from being scratched. Two of the most important reasons as to why you should always use these packaging supplies are that they come in handy and are very simple to use. In addition to this, these packaging supplies are flexible enough to conform to any shape of product they used to cover and unlike other materials they can be be used manually.

When using this packaging material to protect your glass you need to make sure you purchase the correct size of these materials. After getting the correct size and amount of this material, you can then proceed and cover your glass bottles in whatever manner that you may wish and then apply some heat.

Heat is applied on this packaging material by directing the heat produced by a heat gun or a blow dryer onto this material on the bottle. It is of great significance for you not to put the source of the heat too close to this packaging material unless you want it to melt and leave tearing on this plastic. After you are through with heating, you should leave it to cool down.

The advantage of using shrink wrap to protect your glass bottles is the fact that this material is transparent; a trait that can enable you to see through the bottle and make out what material is in your glass bottles. What’s more, the transparent nature of this packaging material will not block any labeling that you have put on your glass bottles therefore even if your products will remain on your shelf for a long period of time your glass bottles will still appear brand new when the packaging material is removed from them.