Should You Go For A Single or Double Wall Cardboard Box?

17/07/2013 16:28

Cardboard boxes are one of the most used packaging solutions today, but why is this so? When packing items, the most important thing is confining the item or items into a container. There are many kinds of packaging solutions that can be used and one will choose whatever option depending on some factors. The first factor to consider is the product to be packed. This is the most important thing to consider; will the packaging suitably hold the given object, will it be able to provide sufficient security and protect it from damage? Will the packaging also provide a convenient way of carrying and handling the object? Most of the time the cardboard boxes will satisfy these standards and hence why they are so widely used.

There are however different kinds of cardboard boxes and they vary in design, size and quality. Many boxes are today made with custom features to pack a specific product; for example electronic devices such as TV sets, computers, radios, music systems and such have cardboard boxes which are designed to exactly fit all their packaging needs including a snug fit. An evident development is the design of cardboard boxes that have walls which are enhanced to provide stronger defences against damage from external forces. Some boxes will therefore have thicker walls than others. However, thicker walls will cause an effect that may be neglected and this is in terms of the size of the box.

The size of cardboard boxes is usually considered from two perspectives. There is the external size that has the measurements of the box taken from the external ends of the box and the size of the box considering the inner measurements of the box. The external measurements are necessary when packing the box or boxes in a space such as a room while the inner measurements are used to determine what items can go into the box.

When choosing what kind of cardboard box to use, i.e. whether one will go for one with thick walls or one with thinner walls, again one has to consider the kind of product is being packed. Fragile items may require one to go for boxes with thicker walls which will offer more protection. Double walls will also provide some heat insulation and could be used in cases where one wants to control the temperature. Double walls will also help the box last longer and therefore if the box is to be used for a longer time or is to be used in rough conditions, the double walled box will withstand better.