Should You Choose White Or Gold Padded Envelopes?

12/06/2013 16:53

Padded envelopes are among the most commonly used packing materials anywhere in the world. As such, it is quite normal to find thousands of these in the market.

People normally prefer them over other types of envelopes because of a variety of reasons. First, the envelope with padding actually offers more protection than the packing materials of the same category. The envelope with padding is named as such since the envelope is uniquely made in order to give the aforementioned protection. The moment you take hold of the envelope, you would already know that it is different from all the others; it is thick and somewhat heavy. This extra thickness and weight are actually due to the fact that the envelope actually consists of a double-walling which constitutes a special material within the envelope which acts as cushion.

The second reason why people prefer the envelope with padding is because it looks a tad more formal. Sending important documents and other crucial items  cannot be done with an ordinary envelope – special documents need a special form of packaging material, and that material is the envelope with padding.

But, the question posed in the title is whether it is wiser to make use of the gold or white envelope with padding. The answer is: it all depends. It depends on your actual intention. For instance, if you wish to bring up a light mood, you might want to make use of the gold envelope with padding. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions sure can see good use of this type of envelope with padding.

On the other hand, the white envelope with padding is more formal. As such, in formal transactions, stick with the white padded envelopes. Of course, this is not to say that the golden ones are not good. Every now and then, especially during special days, you might want to try an envelope of a different color.