Send your products in professional looking C5 envelopes

20/10/2011 12:15


C5 envelopes are small envelopes (usually 162 by 229mm) used for storing documents smaller than A4 size, or A4 documents folded into half. Mostly these are for larger size cards. There are many types of C5 size envelopes, differentiated by the type of paper used to make them and by their colour. The main determinant of the kind of envelope chosen is the occasion for which the envelope will be used or the nature of the product it will be carrying.

Occasions such as weddings demand specially coloured envelopes. Most couples use coloured envelopes that rhyme with the theme colour of their wedding, though cream and white remain the most popular hues. Textured envelopes are similarly popular for sending wedding cards, with a good number choosing to give the envelopes impressions of wedding bells and other symbols associated with tying the knot. When it comes to birthdays, colour is the key factor when shopping for C5 envelopes. Brightly colours envelopes are the default option. You cannot go wrong with yellow, red or bright pink envelopes.

One of the newer types of envelope is the ‘peel and seal’ kind. You no longer have to lick the edge of your envelope to seal it. Simply peel away the covering paper and press to seal in the same way you would paste a paper sticker. This gives the card or whatever product you are sending a more professional look and makes the sealing process much easier. To augment that professional feel to your messages, you can alternatively go for the ivory envelopes. As the name suggests, they come in an ivory shade which is perfect for giving messages or products a crisp, business-like feel. A number of these envelopes come with peel and seal flaps. These combined ivory envelopes are priced at close to £4 for a set of ten.

If you want to further pursue the professional impression for your product or message, you can try the metallic-hued envelopes. As with the other kinds, they are available in a variety of colours. A packet of 25 will cost you close to £25. Clearly they are a bit pricey, but they virtually guarantee that you will make the right impression on your clientele.

You can order your C5 envelopes online on a number of Internet-based envelope retailers and stationers. Simply visit their websites and browse through their collections of envelopes. You can then pay for them via Paypal or Visa.