Send your goods safely using bubble envelopes

05/10/2011 14:02


When you’re sending an important gift or valuable item to a friend or acquaintance via the post, it is important you keep it safe and secure. There are various methods you could use to keep your goods safe but the best and most sensible one is to use a bubble envelope.


These envelopes come in all shapes and sizes so you should have no trouble finding one to fit your particular item. The outer casing including the bubble layer is approximately 3mm thick which is more than enough padding to keep your item safe and secure throughout its journey. They come in a range of prices and though you could opt to buy just one, you’ll probably get a better deal if you buy a larger quantity as it will be cheaper over time and you’ll always have one available should you need to post something else!


Bubble envelopes are definitely the best way of posting your goods and there are many reasons to back this up. Firstly, their puncture resistant lining means they’re great for any journey no matter how far and they’re commonly used for the postal of delicate and fragile items such as CDs, jewellery and glassware.


There is only one real drawback to using a bubble envelope and that’s that they are not stackable so if you’re posting a lot of items, perhaps consider using boxes so you can stack them easily. This won’t be an issue if you’re a domestic user and just posting gifts and such like.


To be completely assured of your items safety, you should opt for some kind of postal insurance but if this is a step too far, you should feel safe in the knowledge that your goods are protected in a bubble envelope