Send timeless letters to your long distance friends and decorate them with printed address labels

09/02/2012 13:15


Some of us have loved ones that seem so far away, and the best way for us to keep in touch is through email and phone calls. Calling your long distance friends may not be as personal as you’d like to be, but writing letters from time to time can help you keep that personal connection with your loved ones. Writing sentimental letters to your long distance friends is something personal and also fun, and you can be creative with your own printed address labels and decorate your envelope with fun stickers and designs.


Nowadays people don’t send each other as many letters as before, because email has made communication faster and easier. But still, receiving a letter in the mail from someone you love has a lot of sentimental value and it is something you can keep for years and years. It’s a nice surprise when you receive a letter from a faraway friend – or even from a friend that isn’t so far away; writing and sending letters is a fun thing to do just to keep in touch with the people in your life. You can send letters of thank you, for invitations, or just friendly hellos!


You can make your letters pretty on the outside as well as the inside! Choose special stationary sets or envelops and stamps, and make your own printed labels too! Have a lot of fun customizing your letters to your friends and send them something special from your own hands.


If you don’t know what to say in a letter, don’t worry about it too much. You can keep it simple, or you can go on for pages and pages, either way, a letter from you is something they will appreciate. You can write down one of your favourite quotes, poems, or passages from a book, you can tell them about something that happened to you recently or about a memory you both share; there are many different things you can include in your letter!


Don’t forget to sign it with love! Spend a nice Sunday afternoon writing letters to your loved ones far away, and even to some of your friends close by. Personalize your letters with stationary and envelopes that follow your taste and style, and even print out your own address labels to stick on. Prepare your timeless letters to send to the people who matter most in your life, there’s never a bad time to write an endearing letter to someone you love!