Roaming Cow

22/03/2013 16:55

Mikey Hart has taken yogurt packaging to a whole new level with this design from roaming cow. The simple pot design which gives focus to the very charming lid. The simple white and black colour scheme allows for the flavour colours to brighten it up but keep it looking like a serious and high quality product.

The logo on the lid is quite distinctive and also gives it another splash of colour much needed. The image of the cow keeps in with the apparent cow theme, the colours of black and white representing the usual colour of dairy cows. The overall design is simple, reflecting the products philosophy that it contains as little as possible rather than filling it with lots of stuff. This also makes it more natural and a lot healthier.

Image from The Packaging Design Blog

The pops of colour give great product differentiation, being both flavour and yogurt types they are both fun and informative. The typography of the logo reflects a refined and simple style with the drawing of the cow being simple too it leaves a lasting impression and is easily transferable to lots of different media in black and white or colour. The typography of the rest of the packaging reminds me of the innocent smoothie packaging. It has a quirky and informal style which encourages the consumer to actually read what it says on the packaging.