Recycle your mailing bags, and here's why

17/11/2012 14:17

Has it ever occurred to you that the recycling of your mailing bags can bring about major environmental and economic gains to you and the community that you live in as a whole? And bearing in mind the number of people who receive items packed in these packaging materials every day, think about the amount of garbage produced annually as they get rid of them.

One of the most important reasons you should always endeavour to recycle these packaging materials lies in the fact that reusing them reduces to a significant extent the greenhouse effect. Scientists have proven beyond reasonable doubt that most of the gases released into the atmosphere are as a result of the manufacture, use and discarding of packing materials that are not biodegradable. The danger brought about by high levels of greenhouse gas emissions is that they can result in alteration in the global temperatures which in turn results in the melting of glaciers that are in the poles. This in turn brings about changes in sea level which can easily have devastating results like flooding or desertification. Therefore with this knowledge, you will be in a position to understand that recycling plays a major role in the maintenance of various eco systems on this planet.

Another reason as to why it is of great essence to recycle your mailing bags is due to the fact using recycled products will in a very big way cut down on the amount of non biodegradable material  that is likely to find its way to landfills. Most of the materials that end up in landfills have a tendency of decaying and bringing about the emission of methane gas which is detrimental to the environment. What’s more, since most of these packaging supplies are manufactured using plastic, it is not hard to see why many campaigns are geared towards educating people on the importance of recycling. The plastic material that is used in the manufacture of these packaging supplies is more often than not very harmful to the environment and can prove to be extremely hard to get rid of; sometimes they can take over 5 centuries to be broken down by the environment.

So the next time you use mailing bags made from plastic give a thought to the amount of waste you are adding to the environment, instead reuse such products whenever possible.