Quick Packaging for Home Baked Goods

29/03/2012 10:40

If you bake up a sweet treat, with the intention of giving it as a gift, you are faced with one problem - packaging. Using a plastic box means you will have to go and reclaim it, using foil means your hard work on the decoration may get squished and your item won't look very nicely presented. So what are some other quick fix options for giving baked goods as presents? Here are some ideas.



When making cookies or small rustic cakes, why not invest in some see through packaging paper to show off your homemade goods! Then simply add a ribbon or make a cute sticker to keep the package shut.



Another idea is to buy clear jewellery boxes, and stack up the ingredients for your favourite treat, or place a small cupcake in. Boxes are ood at preventing damage, so if your cupcake has piles of frosting on top, it will stay in a perfect swirl. Just add a ribbon and tag, and then you have the perfect gift or favour for a wedding!


Source: etsy.com via Jen on Pinterest


Finally for either slices of pie or cake, you can purchase these cute individual slice boxes from Etsy. Wrap your slice up in couloured tissue or a fabric remnant, and place it inside the box. For an extra personal touch add twine and a wooden fork, for easy, portable cake!