Prank your friends with packaging tape

23/11/2012 15:34

Packaging tape is very useful in the day to day life, apart from all the serious work that it can help us with, the packaging tape can be used to light up the moment in some cheeky ways, in other words, for pranks!

Before playing a prank it is important that the prank is funny and not annoying or degrading. The best approach before pulling a prank is to imagine that the prank was pulled on you instead. A prank should not last very long as this may end up being unfair on the victim. Keeping it short and sweet is even better in terms of enjoyment. A prank should not be expensive in terms of expenses and damages. Most packaging tape pranks qualify these guidelines.

The packaging tape is famous for the many pranks it can be used in. One popular prank does not require you to have anything but the tape itself and a knife. Take a new piece of tape from its container and make cuts in intervals all round the tape, then return the tape back into the container. Someone wanting to use the tape will have quite a rough time trying to get the end of the tape.

Another prank is where you get a dummy spider or any frightening bug you can get. Stick some tape to it and leave some length of it which you stick to the frame on top of a door. Place the spider on the door. When someone opens the door, the spider will fall on their face and you can make fun of their terrified moment all day.

One particularly funny trick is where you get a hollow cylinder of rubber or plastic that looks and feels exactly like a partially used roll of tape. Hand it casually to someone and ask them to tear you off a strip, the sight will give you a mighty laugh as they struggle to find the elusive nonexistent gap between nonexistent layers.

There is the tape across door prank too. You get some transparent tape, must be clear tape. You then choose a door where your friend will pass through. Make sure no strangers will use it or people who might get you in trouble. Tape the clear packing tape across the frame on the inside of the door preferably at the face level of your intended victim. The tape is stuck such that, the sticky part will face the door and the direction from which your victim will come. When they come in in haste, as most people do, they will not see the tape and will stick their face in it. At this time you will be in the room laughing your ribs out at the hilarious confused reactions.