Peck & Co

03/01/2013 15:37

Peck & Co are an American design company that work in the fields of brand, web design and packaging. Their work is young and follows the trends of the moment carefully. They have produced some of the nicest designs around in the last two years and their work always directly reflects the brand.

A small family banana jam company have worked with Peck & Co to create their entire brand, the money is featured across all of the packaging and the design is to appeal to families and young children. The name and persona of the packaging is mildly amusing and very likable, suggesting that it isn't from a commercial source but somewhere that can be trusted.

Images from Peck & Co


Jarcakes is a brand based around a baker who has created cake that can be packaged in jars. The packaging is very versatile, not only can it be used again after the cake has been eaten but the only difference in the packaging from flavour to flavour is the very top sticker. The side sticker, brown paper and card sleeve all are kept the same. The writing on the tag line is in a handwritten font to make it seem more personal. The top stickers have different decoration depending on flavour and their is a tab sticking up with the flavour on.