Packaging up your lunch

13/09/2012 10:00

"Bento" is a Japanese term used to describe a single portion of home-prepared take-away food, but what's become really interesting about these little lunches is the way they are packed! Bento boxes are supposed to be as cute as possible!


The rice in this bento box is moulded into the shape of Totoro a popular anime character!

This lego lunch box is perfect for storing all your lunchtime treats!

Surely nothing could be quite as cute as a panda lunch box!

This pokeball rice looks delicious! Muffin cases are a gret way of making compartments in your lunch box.

This adorable strawberry lunch box comes with an extra layer where you can store your cutelery!

Rilakkuma is one of the most popular characters in Japan, show your appriciation with this perfectly little lunch box!