Packaging that makes sense

04/12/2012 16:36

In the packaging industry it is common to find packaging designs and themes that make no real sense. Abstract images that look cool and trend but have no real relation to the product. There are however some new designs that at first glance may not have anything to do with the product at all, if you look closer however you will see the connection being made between the packaging and the product itself.

Countinuing on my packaging fun theme. These are so

Images from packet

At first glance this wine packaging appears to have characters who's colours coordinate with that of the rest of the packaging. There is no clear link between the wine and the characters that the packaging design is clearly centered around. Upon closer inspection however (despite the packaging being in a foreign language) it appears that each character represents something about the culture from the country the wine comes from. Female characters are the white and rose, the more delicate wines. One of the female characters is a flamenco dancer which shows that this wine has been produced in spain. The male characters represent the heavier red wine, the character in the gondolier hat is Italian (gondolas are mainly found in Venice in Italy) showing that the wine is italian. Creating product packaging that is not only attractive and mildly amusing but also makes the consumer think is a great way to attract them.