Packaging playtime!

08/02/2013 11:07

Toys are something that we all experience, from a young age we are given toys as gifts and find new ones we love to play with. When we get older the traditional children’s toys become a thing of the past and our toys become things we need and desire on a far more adult level, the new iPad for example. There is no harm however, in exploring the packaging of childrens toys long after we have stopped playing with them, especially if we have youngsters of our own.

Image from Packaging of the World

This packaging is very cute and exactly what a parent would be looking to give to their small child. The innocent imagery makes it seem highly appropriate and it familiarises the child with colours, shapes and objects they might not have seen before. The wood-like pattern almost makes the package look like a tree house, an idea synonymous with happy and healthy children playing in the great outdoors. The packaging for the ‘coloured pages’ is bright and happy looking, attracting children towards it and encouraging parents. The whole range is brought together by the style of the typography and imagery as well as the tone of the colours and the use of green throughout.