Packaging Containers

20/11/2012 11:45

Products can come in all kinds of containers and each container brings with it, it's own set of packaging merits. Jars, plastic containers with lids, screw top lids, tubes, boxes, pouches and hundreds of similar products are around today. These Marination jars are a great example.

11 16 12 Marination 2

Despite holding food, these jars aren't of an ordinary ‘food-holding’ shape. Their straight sides and lid make them look more like cosmetics packaging than something containing a cooking ingredient. The label on the jar is all typography that makes this packaging even more unusual for a food product. The overall appearance of the jar is slick and smooth, making it seemed like a polished product, even if it doesn’t appear to fall into the food category this appearance if far more likely to attract attention.


9 11 12 hip2

This Hip Peas container is the plastic equivalent of a jar, with a bright and exciting design and a clear colour scheme. The fresh white label across the top looks professional and the spots combined with the handwritten font gives it an element of quality. The overall colour scheme looks natural and the dot pattern is a playful element that shows the consumer that the product is for children of a young age. The fact that the packaging is made from plastic re-enforces this as the purchaser may want to give it to their child to play with and the absence of glass makes this possible.