My Experience with cheap packaging suppliers

12/10/2012 09:54

I am a young entrepreneur selling souvenir items in our small town. My small venture has clicked largely because of the huge volume of tourists which flock to our place on a monthly basis. As a matter of fact, I sell my products and items in bulk most of the time. This is where my experience with cheap packaging supplies comes in.

As a businessman, I always find means to make sure that I spend little and gain more. I am pretty sure that entrepreneurs will understand this as a basic rule of doing business. It is for this reason that I always look for partners and suppliers or manufacturers which will give me the things that I need at a minimum cost on my part.

Saving resources is something that I put on top because, first of all, my business is a new and fragile one. It has not gained a foothold yet. Although it is earning already, I am still a bit wary because of the uncertainty of the market and the competition. The materials that I use for my souvenirs are the cheapest yet most durable that I can find. As such, I have gained by leaps and bounds.

Even the package, too, is given utmost consideration. Basically, I tried to have those package manufacturers which come cheap, and my experience with taking things that are too cheap is not a very pleasant one. I once had a deal with a very inexpensive packing manufacturer. Indeed, they promised to provide my small company with everything that it needs when it comes to packing, and they will do so at the most inexpensive price. Of course, I thought it was a deal of a lifetime for me. I told the manager that I planned on hiring them as my long-time provider.

So it started. When the first batch of the packing materi als arrived, I was incredibly surprised to it all particularly because of the quality of the materials that I had with me. They are, indeed, actually great quality considering the price! Although I thought inexpensive materials might compromise on quality, I found this was not the case! So, I decided to stick with this supplier.

I have learned from this experience, and I want everyone to learn about it, too, that cheap packaging suppliers can be great deals. Of course, sometimes this is not the case, you look for an inexpensive one, but you have to make sure that the quality of the products is still intact.