Moving and Packing Tips for Shifting Your Home This summer

04/07/2013 09:50

The summer holidays are a popular time for families to move home. With the kids off school for six weeks and the potential of better weather for moving day, the summer break is often the time when most families plan for a house move. If you are planning a move this summer, there are a few things you can do in the run up to the move to make the whole process a bit easier for you and your family. Here are our top tips.

1. Start packing now

Even if moving day seems a long way away, as soon as you know a move is on the cards it’s a good idea to get started on the packing straight away. Even if you just sort one chest of drawers, one cupboard or fill one box each day between now and the move, you’ll soon find everything starts to fall into place and that the whole process is easier.

2. Take the opportunity to de-clutter

Don’t just pack everything you have for the sake of it. Moving home is a great opportunity to de-clutter and get rid of the things you no longer need. Good condition items can be sold to new homes, bringing in extra cash towards the moving budget, and those which are not in great condition can be recycled or given to charity, leaving you with less ‘stuff’ to move.

3. Let the kids de-clutter too

Children often find letting go of belongings very hard, even if they no longer play with them or really like them anymore. Help your child de-clutter as well, and help them to sell their good condition toys, letting them know that the money they raise can be spent on brand new toys to go in their rooms at their new home.

4. Get expert help for specialist items

Even if you are planning a DIY move, some of the things you may own should not be moved by amateurs. Antique furniture, pianos, valuable artwork and other fragile or oversized things should really require specialist assistance. You can contact any removal company in London wide and they will be able to provide the expertise and equipment to get your items moved safely.

5. Visit the new town

With the kids on school holidays and a move on the cards, help them to settle and become comfortable with the idea of moving by taking a few daytrips to the new town. Visit the parks and take a stroll around the shops, and if there are any fun play centres or sports facilities there, treat them to an activity to help them feel happier about the move.

6. Store things you don’t need

If you are visiting the new town to exchange contracts, sign paperwork or just too visit, anything you have already packed up can be taken down in your car and placed in local self storage facilities. This will reduce the amount of work needed on moving day significantly, especially if you make a few trips there between now and moving day.

Author bio : Samuel Joyce is a writer by heart. He lives in London with his wife and his lovely child. He has contributed many articles related to home improvement, home removals and interior decoration. Besides this he has also written about companies offering removal services in London.