Mode Design Group

01/11/2012 11:15

Graphic designers who specialise in bespoke packaging and brand design, they have brought new trends and impeccable style to many luxury products on the market today. They have a talent for making things look and feel high quality, with some very creative minds working behind big projects, their bespoke packaging always comes out looking it's very best.

Taking Ocean Sprays product from the multiple use cartons consumers are so used to and transferring the brand into packaging for single use needed care and attention so as not to take away from the brands identity. The shape and feel of the finished packaging product is great and the flavours are easily distinguishable.

Their work with Vision Vodka has earned them several awards. This stunning bottle ensures you know everything inside it is of the highest quality. The elegant neck and texture of the bottle sets it apart from other vodka brand and it's minimalist slick overall look is great.

Their success with alcohol packaging doesn't stop at vodka, this limited edition bottle and gift casing is styled as the centre piece for any bar or spirit collection. The style of the bottle also allows the consumer to see right through, showing that the alcohol is of excellent standard.

Mode Design continue to make award winning alcohol packaging for a wide range of different beverages. With Nobelesse they also created their brand identity, designing their crest by hand from scratch to make a unique and impacting design.