Making cardboard boxes into a pretty storage feature in your home

12/04/2012 11:08





Converting cardboard boxes into a pretty storage feature in your home does not only offer more room, it also protects and secures family belongings. It is always very important to relieve yourself from some of the strain in your life by giving yourself a better storage solution that is suitable for your most of your wants. Shoe boxes are very much around us so instead of piling them or doing away with them you can easily turn them into pretty storage facilities in your home.


When it comes to making storage facilities some of the things that you will require include paper or newspaper, pencil, scissors, spray adhesive, paint, paint brush, glue and water.

Once all the requirements are in place, it is important to cover the place where you will be working to prevent dirtying the place. After this take the dimensions and cut your paper or newspaper to conform to the outside of the boxes and their lids. Then spray the adhesive to connect the paper to outer part of your boxes.


After connecting the paper to the outer part of your boxes you can proceed and dilute your paint using water to make it less thick and easier to spread. Paint the boxes thoroughly and let them dry completely. Finally, make a mixture using one half of glue and half of water to make it stickier, then cover your boxes completely with the glue solution and let them dry completely.


When going about the process of making pretty storage boxes out of shoe boxes you are not obliged to utilise a plain paper or a newspaper to wrap your boxes. You can easily make use a thin cloth or printed paper to wrap your boxes.  But you should always keep in mind that if you opt to use the cloth you may have to colour it before sticking it on your box with your spray adhesive. If you decide to forego the use of the spray adhesive, you can use the glue to attach your paper to your shoebox.  This is likely to take a little bit more time in addition to taking more time to dry out.


Remember that you can also turn your boxes into storages for keeping fabrics or turn them into storage bins.


Making cardboard boxes into a pretty storage feature in your home helps you to keep your home clean and tidy.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest