Make your kids a gingerbread playhouse with cardboard packaging boxes

13/12/2012 10:34

Cardboard packaging boxes, originally, are intended as packing materials. In other words, they are used in order to contain materials and items which you intend to send, mail, or ship to someone far away. They are the most preferred means of securing items primarily because of the fact that they are hard and versatile, thus giving a feeling of assurance that the materials and contents inside will be secure during the travel period.

Of course, apart from its original purpose, many households have long realized that the packing materials can also be used as a daily item at home. This is especially true for families which are just starting and are in short supply of resources. Basically, the packing box can be used as a storage device where you will be able to keep and organize your kids’ toys. It can even come in handy as a laundry basket.

The most famous application of the box in our homes, however, is that it can be made into a playhouse. What does this mean? Basically, because of the fact that the boxes are mostly made from cardboard, which are very sturdy, you can use them as toy houses for your kids. As you may already know, kids love to play with toy houses. They like to pretend as princesses and soldiers and their houses are their forts. Basically, they want to roam around the castle and they like to move around tight corners of their forts and pretend that they have enemies outside and that they are universally safe in their cardboard mansions. This, indeed, makes your children very happy. The best thing about them is that children will never get tired playing with the houses. They might renovate, they might add a thing or two, but they will always look forward to playing with their toy houses.

So, how do you make one? It is very easy, as a matter of fact. All you need to do is prepare, say, more than a dozen boxes. The boxes should be large enough for your kids to fit through. It is basically useless if the boxes are not wide enough because children expect to be able to move around their castles. Next, connect the openings of the boxes, and you might also want to create an opening along the body of some of the cardboard packaging boxes. At any rate, you should have a crude idea of what you want to create. If you do that, then you are good.