Love your packaging

12/02/2013 13:57

Small businesses, online sellers or even bigger businesses with a wish to get closer to their customers - celebrated events around the year, despite mostly being commercialised, are the perfect opportunity to show your customers you care.

Homemade DIY Valentines

Image from Design Finch

For a small business with a relatively small customer base it is easy to put together some personal Valentine bits and bobs to send out in your packages. Using small pieces of patterned craft paper, adding a stamp and then placing a lollipop through a slit or two in the paper. You can add a greeting message or image stamp or perhaps something a little more personal such as the customers name. If you find you don’t have enough time to do so, doing something as simple as adding a heart stamp to your packaging or placing a valentines themed post card inside. You could also attach a cute label with a stamp or sticker on or even just tie a cute pink ribbon to the package.

Valentine's Day Sticker Set -- Cute to the Core. Fun Valentine's Day ideas for kids

Image from Pinterest

For a larger business it can be more difficult to create a personal touch to a package that could be one of hundreds or thousands. To achieve even the smallest personal touch however is still quite simple. Change your mailing bags to pink or red for a while until the valentines period is over. You could also have a heart printed on your address labels or a sticker places on the outer packaging alongside the labels instead. Even the smallest of touches can be appreciated by your customers, especially if it out of the ordinary or themed.