Little packaging ideas

22/01/2013 16:41

Whether it's for an eCommerce business, a present for a friend or something else, packaging small items beautifully is sometimes something we need to do. There are hundrends of ideas out there but here is a round up of some I like the most.

for packaging small treats you make, mini boxes! available through mignon kitchen co.

Image from Pinterest

Templates like these are easily found in craft stores and for sale in bulk on the internet if you need them in larger quantities. They can be kepy simple and just be assembled as normal or they can be decorated. Using elements such as twine or ribbon to hold the box together along with stickers or labels will make it much cuter however simplicity can often look lovely when on something small and delicate.

Packaging delicate succulents, in addition to a wedding anniversary the return, birthday as a gift sent will be very special.

The use of small ceramic pots is really cute and could be reusable in all manner of ways. You could also use glass pots or something as simple as a takeaway espresso cup. The use of cellophane and ribbon is also a great way to package a product as it can then be seen through the packaging. The attatchment of ribbon and labels is also very easy this way and the stage is yours when it comes to creative freedom for these.