Just for fun packaging

06/12/2012 14:34

The objective of packaging is to attract the consumer to it, with product related imagery and relevant information that is likely to persuade them to make a purchase. There is some packaging out there however that seems to just be designed for the amusement of others which is more likely to cause a consumer to purchase it.


Squid Soap. More packaging fun Melchör.

Image from Pentagram

This squid soap would definitely attract children to the product, it can double up as a bath toy and certainly be kept as one after it is finished. The bright colour and fun typography give this packaging a great sense of character.

A truly interesting/bizarre example of packaging from Japan. This is the second package I've seen with naked abdomens and belly buttons.  See Wine Wednesday.  Packaging trend? IMPDO

Image from Germanium

This packaging contains massaging body soap, it is a startling piece of packaging purely because there is nothing else like it around and it contains a certain amount of indecency. This packaging is likely to turn heads and attract consumers despite being essential weird.