Jewellery Packaging

25/10/2012 15:32

Whether it's an engagement ring from Tiffany or a cute little necklace from Etsy, the packaging is important. Jewellery is something special, to be treasured and worn so the unwrapping experience needs to be just as wonderful.

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Cute little flourishes like twine, decoration or a trinket can make all the difference. Especially if it's handmade or vintage - the hand wrapped touches add an extra sparkle to the whole experience.

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Having several different elements to the packaging all brought together by a single running theme - for example the Tiffany blue with the white ribbon. This gives the impression of luxury and quality as well as elongating the unwrapping process making it even more special.

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Simple cardboard packaging is functional and can look incredibly beautiful, especially with things such as vintage jewellery. These labels look great and are decorated simply and beautifully.