Interesting wine packaging

22/02/2013 16:37

As your end of the day plan might just be to sit down with a nice glass of wine or perhaps you might enjoy some good wine packaging design! There are some interesting things out there if you know where to find them.


red alert

Images from Pinterest

This design is evidentially intended to be seductive and it achieves it by adding a little extra to its design. What has been created to look like the top of a stocking has been placed around the bottle and the stocking section that is visible clearly shows that had it been on a woman it would have been fish nets. The bright red colour is not only the colour of love but also of seduction and passion. While the black detail gives it a little mystery and allure.


Ruby Slipper from The Roller Derby Collection by Arthur Wines. Brand development and packaging by Studio Lost & Found – #wine #winelabel #packaging #design #branding #rollerderby #illustration #rubyslipper #rubyslipper #dorothy #derby

This red wine packaging is also full of cheeky connotations and ideas. The plain relatively bland packaging puts emphasis on the red roller boot which, although the bottle says ruby slipper is clearly meant to symbolise that it is a fun and exciting wine, rather than one you would drink in your slippers. The girl portrayed is evidentially meant to be Dorothy and in this interpretation of her, her curves are far more defined and she appears less childish and more flirtatious.