Interesting Packaging

02/01/2013 11:43

Sometimes in the packaging world, things take a turn for the peculiar and this wine packaging is just one of the moments. Putting clothing on product packaging is not an unheard of concept, famously every year innocent smoothies have their fans knit hats to be placed on the little smoothie bottles for charity. However putting a paper t-shirt on a bottle of wine does sound altogether odd.

Images from packaging of the world

Without having seen the product up-close the whole thing looks a little bit childish. Putting hats on smoothies is fun and cool but wine is very much a mature product that is enjoyed by adults. When looking at the packaging more closely however, the t-shirt has information about the wine not usually explained in such detail. Where it was ‘born’ and a rather humorous explanation of its growing and production process that puts into the way we see our lives progress. Despite being quite childish it is also a charming and unheard of way to give the packaging some extra character and those with a sense of humor may find this packaging highly amusing.