How To Package Your Product For A Luxury Feel

17/10/2011 10:39

With increasing competition for SMEs, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate your product and create customer loyalty, but have you ever thought the key to making your product stad out from the rest might be to create quirky, unique or luxurious packaging. Think about it; you order some cakes from your local bakery, and they come to you in a brown cardboard box in a white plastic bag, now imagine if that bakery wrapped your product in coloured tissue, in a box imprinted with the company logo and a thank-you label. Creative packaging can make your customer feel like you really care about them if you put a lot of effort into it. It also gives an impression of luxury and high prices, even if you haven't increased the cost of making your product. 


You can buy these Polkadot envelopes from GiftWrapSoPretty, if you sell jewellery or small trinkets you could send your bubble wrapped items in these envelopes, they're small enough to still fit through letterboxes, and still have practical elements but encorporate a vintage design. Try adding twine or hand written labels for an extra-special effect.

These Pink Boxes are available from SeeSpotStamp, they would be excellent for baked goods, sweets, or even accessories, just present your product with some coloured tissue paper for protection and invest in some tape with a printed design to keep the box tightly shut through transit. 


These adorable Custom Labels are designed by WishDesignStudio, they are perfect if you're not too good at photoshop, you can just download the templates and customise them with your businesses name. Print them off onto sticky labels, and use them to seal your boxes for that personal touch.


Use StuffDepot's Printed Rose Labels as gift tags on your boxed packages, or attatch them to clothing. They really add a boutique feel to products and customers will feel like they have recieved a designer product.

Finally finishing your product with a twine bow from ThePartyFairy has a design element aswell as a practical one, brown paper packages can be given the look of vintage presents through the post just by wrapping them with this simple string. Why not try also printing a design with stamps onto your brown paper for an added touch?

I hope these little tips will help you package your products creatively and increase the excitement of the shopping experience for your customer!