How many packaging boxes do I need to move home?

29/11/2012 14:55

Moving home is an activity that is dreaded by many although we all must go through it sooner or later. It is a time marked by indecision and confusion. These complications arise when we consider the job as a whole. We simultaneously look at the little things and the large things, the heavy and the light, the delicate and the sturdy, and all these details make the job overwhelming. The secret to moving lies in sequential packaging; and the most important items in moving house are the packaging boxes

Packaging boxes are not made of very hardy material and so one cannot carry very many things at once, but the size and strength of the packing boxes allows for luggage that is easily lifted using only hands and can be manipulated around easily; these attributes are necessary for materials used for packaging house items. The number of packaging boxes needed for moving house will be determined by the number of items in the house, the average size of the boxes and how the items are packed into the boxes.

While planning, one should consider the size of the boxes. Normally one chooses a size that will contain a weight easy to carry. Heavy items will normally go to smaller boxes while light items which are normally bulky go into bigger boxes. For example bigger boxes can hold cooking pots or pillows, while smaller boxes can hold books and tools. Therefore one can decide how many size (x) boxes they need by considering the number of corresponding items.

During packaging, one should follow some form of criteria to avoid confusion during unpacking and to protect the items integrity during transportation. For example items from one room should be packed together and those of a similar kind into one box. For example, books are packed together in one box while glassware is packed together in a different box. If put together in one box, the books will likely crush the glassware. Hence one should acquire boxes that fit the different unique types of items.

Finally the total number of items should be considered. If you have glassware, how many boxes will contain all the glassware? If it is for the books, how many boxes will contain all the books?

Obviously, one cannot always be accurate on the number of boxes, but acquiring slightly more than the estimate is the wise thing to do. You would rather have a few remaining extra boxes than end up with unpacked items and no boxes. Also, during packing, some packaging boxes may get damaged and need replacing.